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“Lowkey Feelin Myself” Recap


The episode opens with a flash forward. Issa is on the phone & bluntly says “Honestly i don’t F**k with Molly anymore”.

The rest of the episode is a flashback, 4 months before THE block party.
It picks up with what looks like good friendship vibes Molly & Issa’s yoga session & a blunt.
Watching Issa & Condola go over the checklist during lunch , you have to admit they’re professionally compatible & it’s like they’ve known each other forever.

It is bittersweet as this point , Issa doesn’t know that Condola is dating her ex (Lawrence). I actually thought they were going to drag it but Tiffany spilled the beans & left them in an awkward situation after trying to convince them that it’s fine.
Tiffany has to go there I said it! Why would she set them up in the first place? But you know what I’m  proud of Issa, she handled all the situations with maturity, GROWTH!
After speaking to Lawrence , Condola admits that it’s a lot & decides to take a rain check on their date.

She ends up attending the mixer without Lawrence.
Molly might be jealous , Condola appears to be a better friend to Issa at this point. Kelli is on the liquor duty at the mixer, honestly she seems to be the only genuine friend in Issa’s corner. I always look forward to her scenes.

Molly clearly likes Andrew than she admits, she just assumed they were exclusive but why drag the negativity to Issa’s mixer?

I laughed when Lawrence asked “my ex what”?
Who was Issa on the phone with?
What happened to Nathan?

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