Better Call Saul
“The Guy for This” Recap


The intro scene is quite fascinating & well thought.
The ice cream symbolize Jimmy & the ants symbolize his new life as Saul Good Man. The ants are consuming the last bit of his innocence & identity as Jimmy. He’s in!!
Saul is taken to Lalo, he starts rambling as he’s unsure as to why he’s there.
It’s revealed that they have a legal problem, referring to Domingo.
They want to use Saul as the middle man, to deliver instructions to the cops through Domingo.

He tries to talk himself out of it, by bringing up the cell phone deal but Lalo’s not having it. Financially he made a killing that day, but he’s now tied to the cartel! Explains why he’s on the run in the flash forward.

Mike seems to be having a hard time dealing with Werner’s death, he’s still drinking heavily. Surprised he walked away from a fight, when a group of guys tried to jump him.

Kim is excited that she’ll be working on her pro bono cases.
Nacho’s dad pops by his house for chat over coffee, which didn’t end so well. He keeps letting his father down.
He’s still persistent that Nacho should turn himself in, he’s fully aware that Nacho is behind the offer he got for his shop because he wants him to run

Heartfelt moment when his dad expresses that he wanted Nacho to inherit the business, but he’s already caught up in the drug world.

Kim’s pro bono cases are put on hold because she’s summoned elsewhere. Her boss explains that she needs to drop everything & do what keeps the lights on.

As requested Saul delivers Lalo’s message to Domingo in writing. The plan works, Hank & Steven caught the bait.
Kim goes to see a difficult client, she tries to show sympathy but the old man is not having it & she ends up snapping at him. She later returns with offers to pay out of her own pocket

Saul gives Lalo an update, he’s many things but not naive he’s fully aware that he helped them to setup someone.
Gustavo is informed about the setup, he decides to play along & let the drops remain.


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