“Namaste” Recap


Howard is back & offers Jimmy a job while catching up during lunch, he requests that he sleeps over it.
Jimmy is one imaginative lawyer, he’s at an ethic shop , just looking around & it immediately gets you thinking , what is he planning this time?!
The bowling balls catch his eyes ,which makes it  more confusing.
The pieces finally come together  when he later puts them to a revengeful use, throwing them onto Howard’s expensive car.

Kim’s definitely one of the good ones , I like that we got more scenes of her on this episode. She wakes up with her mind set to fix everything , starting by cleaning after herself with the broken bottles at her complex. Next on her agenda she tries to mitigate the situation between Mesa Verde & Mr Acker. She finds a work around that will benefit her client’s reputation & Mr Acker from being evicted. Her client ignores her suggestion & moves forward with their plan. Did the old man’s words get to Kim?

Kim asks Jimmy to step in, must say that this is the first time we see the old man agreeing to anything coming out of a lawyer’s mouth.

Mike tries to make amends , but Stacey insists that he’s not in the right state of mind to be around his granddaughter. What happens when she brings up her father again?
She can tell that he’s fighting his own demons, he feels guilty & wants to be punished. So sets on his mission to be punished by returning to the street where he almost got jumped. The scene closes right after he gets stabbed. He wakes up with no knowledge of his whereabouts.

Gustavo is a perfectionist in every aspect of his double life, he won’t be pleased until he does it himself.
The drop happens as planned , resulting arrests along with half a million dollars.


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