“50% Off” Recap


The episode starts with a scene from episode 1, Saul handing out his business card that includes the 50% discount valid for two weeks. Two eagerly drug users race to their car on a mission to do crime, because 50% OFF! Proving Kim right!!

Nacho is snatched in the middle of the night while sleeping , put in a car which lead to his father’s shop. The message is clear, Gustavo means business. He needs him to keep his head in the game, remind him what’s at stake.

Saul good man is starting to bloom, his phone won’t stop ringing . Kim & Jimmy take a moment for themselves & view a stunning house in the neighborhood, they’re planning for the future. I always wonder what happened to Kim? She wasn’t introduced in Breaking Bad. I won’t think of the worst for now, I guess we’ll just have to keep watching & see how it all unfolds.

Hector gets a visit from his nephew (Lalo) & updates him about the meeting with Gustavo. He’s more suspicious & definitely not that gullible.They’re aware that it is just a cover story. He gets an idea from Hector that the money is the key to everything. If the money stops flowing, you know what that means.

Mike is babysitting his granddaughter, while finishing up the tree house together. She starts asking questions about her father, he becomes emotional & obviously still upset about Werner’s death & he snaps at her

The two druggies make a comeback , buying more cocaine from the Salamanca spot. It gets stuck in the drainpipe & Domingo goes over to assist. while the two druggies are hovering & impatiently waiting for their high. With Domingo still on the ladder the police show up and everyone scatters.

Call it bad luck, a few knocks on the drainpipe while convincing the cops he’s not doing anything illegal. The cocaine magically unclogged & lands on his feet. That’s a given , he’s going to jail! The crew regroups not far from the scene & observes. It suddenly hit them, it happened so quick they didn’t get a chance to grab the product.

Nacho uses the opportunity to be Lalo’s right hand. He heads into the building & saves the day. As you have guessed, Lalo is impressed!

Back at the courtroom, Saul is in action.He tricks the Assistant District Attorney to go over his cases, while they’re “stuck” in the elevator .Nacho swears that Domingo will not talk, but it seems “taking care” of Domingo is not what Lalo has in mind. While out treating himself with ice cream Saul is summoned by Lalo.


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