“Magic Man” Recap


Flash Forward Jimmy is counting diamonds and  pulls up in a parking lot, to change the car’s number plate. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to leave a trace. He’s on edge as he calls in to find out if anyone has been looking for him lately. Is someone following him?  What have you gotten yourself into Jimmy?
Finally his guard is down, while enjoying a sandwich & a book at the mall.
The taxi driver approaches claiming to know him from a TV commercial , looking very dodgy. The old Jimmy was not shaken by such sketchy characters but he’s bit rattled.He forces him to acknowledge who he is and to say the famous catch phrase

Better Call Saul

The panic picks up all over again, he finds himself at the phone booth calling the guy who helps people disappear. The call doesn’t last long as the guy explains he’ll have to charge double because of he’s location.
Jimmy has a change of heart and decides he’ll fix this mess himself.

The story-line picks up in the moment Jimmy decides to be Saul good man that we’ve come to know from Breaking Bad. Kim is processing all of it and doesn’t seem keen. Lalo is still trying to find out what Gustavo is up to. He can feel it in he’s gut that something is off and he’s absolutely right. He’s a Salamanca after all.

Kim is warming up to the idea as she gifts Jimmy with a briefcase, they’re definitely on different pages when it comes to bending the rules. She continues to encourage Jimmy to do things by the book since he worked so hard to get he’s licence back. Lalo, Juan & Gustavo have a meeting to clarify why some of the product was temped with. They ask Gustavo to show them the constriction project that Werner was working on when he stole the product. He takes them to the site while misleading them into believing that he’s building an advanced chicken chiller.As a fan of Breaking Bad, we all know that’s the infamous lab Walter White cooked meth in. After the meeting Juan warns Lalo to stop spying on Gustavo, because he’s protected as long as he keeps making the cartel richer.

Jimmy is all set with he’s consultations , he gives his potential clients a phone that they can reach him on (24/7). He later runs out phones and decides to give out his business card instead which includes 50% discount for 2 weeks. Gustavo is aware that Lalo is still suspicions so he decides to send the engineers back to Germany. The job is not yet completed but he’ll pay them in full as promised. The catch of course, they can NEVER speak of what happened EVER! Especially now that they’ve figured out what happened to Werner. Mike quits after updating Gustavo ,probably because of the lack of sympathy.

Kim is caught in a pickle when one of her clients refuses to take a good deal, where he’d to serve 5 months instead of years if he takes it to trial

Jimmy advises her that she should bend the rules just a little in this case to manipulate her client . She seems hesitant as first but plays along to Jimmy’s plan and it works. The episode closes with Kim on the staircase.


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