S03 E07

This episode was highlighting an important skill you eventually have to master, when you enter adulthood which normally starts in most cases in college.
College is the best time to explore.
There’s a lot going on , between friendships, relationships , parties, family drama ,excluding academics.
it‘s very easy to get caught up or even feel overwhelmed. Mistakes will be made and you’ll learn , that’s how we grow.

It’s also important to not lose focus , as to why you are there in the first place! The episode focuses more on the twins.

Jazz seems to be having a hard time balancing her relationship with Doug and track.
She’s been pitching to practice late , and even when she finally gets there it seems like her head is not the game.
Sky is a concerned sister and even covers for her when she’s running late. Jazz swears that she’s got this , but She keeps letting her sister down.

Gosh,I hate it when the twins fight. I understand where Sky is coming from , especially after her injury. Hope Grown-ish is not going to break up the cutest couple on the show . Jazz and Doug just grow on you,  but Let me not think of the worst. It’s just a matter of setting boundaries and of course better time management. It’s high time Jazz and Doug have that discussion , he needs to understand that she has priorities outside they relationship.

We get to see Aaron in action as Charlie’s assistant , he has a dedicated desk.
He has a sit down with Ana and Javier, he noticed the chemistry between them. Boundaries is something that Ana is trying to practice regarding her latest crush/ colleague.She has been burnt before with the Aaron and she has every right to feel that maybe some lines shouldn’t be crossed.

After her talk with Aaron who advised her that she doesn’t let what happened in the past get in the way of something that could be great.  It works in her favour when she clears the air with Javier so they’re on the same page, and they end up kissing.

On the other side of the campus Zoey is torn between commitments, with her final major exam and styling Joey for a magazine cover happening at the same time . She then swallowed her pride and asked Luca for help.
Luca agrees to go to Vegas on her behalf , with a little nudge from Jillian.
Isn’t it awkward for her hanging out with her ex-boyfriend and he’s new girlfriend? It all works out for her and she gets to write her exam and Luca confirms that the shoot was successful. She somehow feels like she missed out on the experience , even if she’ll get credit for the work she did.

We’re left with a cliff hanger , will Jazz and Doug break-up?
Anyhow, where’s Vivek? , we need see  more of him.
Luca and Jillian are growing on me.We got a glimpse of Nomi , while Zoey was venting on a video call about Aaron still ignoring her.


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