“Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” Recap


It’s Zoey’s 21st birthday party, a whole vibe!
Time to blow out those candles, she starts overthinking her birthday wish & has a panic attack while in the train of thought .Good question by the way, “what does someone wish for, when they already have it all?”

Could possibly be exhaustion, she’s juggling studying for finals, preparing for Joey’s tour & of course planned her birthday party. Plus Aaron is still ignoring her. With some persuasion from her girls, she heads upstairs to rest. The train of thought is still on the move, Aaron pops by to make sure she’s alright. They start talking again, apologizes were said. Finally she starts venting, she feels overwhelmed.

The worst might be happening at this point, Jazz and Doug are off -ish . Jazz is finally improving with track, solely because she’s been avoiding Doug. Guess they never had that discussion until later when she decides to be honest with him. Jazz would have handled the situation differently. By coming clean two weeks ago instead of avoiding it. she asks him to wait for her while she focuses on track.

Ana is really a good friend, she changed her Selena outfit for Vivek.

Zoey cleared her head & breaks it to the gang that she’s quitting college to focus on her dream job. She has one more year left, I mean she’s so close. There are other options, she can enroll part time or take the semester off. Even so she can always come back. Charlie tries to persuasive her to sleep on it but she made up her mind.
Almost forgot about the goodbye kiss between Zoey & Aaron. It was long overdue.

We get another glimpse of Naomi & in that moment while video calling with Zoey her water breaks!!

Everyone looked AMAZING!

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