“Gut Feeling”


The episode begins with Nomi at her doctor’s appointment listening to the baby’s heart beat accompanied by Luca (unusual but they’re friends so, it’s okay.). All seems to be well with the baby as the doctor explains while she hands over the printed picture . Total Bliss in that moment.

Back at the house, the gang throws a surprise baby shower which is funded by Vivek. Which is so sweet but quickly becomes awkward as she’s bluntly says that not sure if she’s keeping the baby.
Also kind of suspicious that Luca is accompanying her to the sonogram appointment and how come he’s the only one who knew about the pregnancy before everyone??
Hear out me out I’m not saying he’s the father but WHAT IF?

The guy’s head out to smoke “cigars” as the tension was thick.
Nomi is not wrong for having second thoughts, as she’ll be a single mother and with the pressure of parents raising valid points. It can be overwhelming.

It becomes a tug war of opinions as everyone weighs in and Ana thinks that she should keep the baby and the baby shower should continue as planned.

Zoey on another hand feels Nomi shouldn’t rule out adoption so quickly. I didn’t think it was necessary for Zoey to call Naomi’s baby a mistake even though she meant well but it didn’t sit well with me.

 With Ana persuasion they start celebrating with a dirty diaper game and just like that she’s overwhelmed again with the BIG decision.

She reveals that she hasn’t informed the “dr phil dude”. I’ll admit I’m going to contradict myself a bit by saying this but, to some extent I agree with both Dough and Aaron.
 Even though they’re both not on the same side but the there are some parts that make sense when pieced together.

Naomi should have told “Dr Phil dude” when she found out that she was pregnant. It was the perfect time to involve the “Dr Phil ” because then he’d know the right way to handle it, doing it now is a bit unfair. Hear me out I’m not done but at the same time i do believe that he deserves to know he’s about to be a father, until he proves himself otherwise.
Nomi could possibly deprive both the baby and “dr phil dude” a beautiful relationship.

Ana should consider working for the FBI (I mean she found him.)

In other news Sky actually fell for a white guy whom she thought was black. The guys are surprised, i mean she gave Dough grieve in the past.  
When it’s all said and done, Love is Love and knows no boundaries.
In my opinion Rodney looks black and could possibly be adopted and i don’t know why Grown-ish didn’t explore that.It would have made more sense.

The episode closes with Nomi saying her goodbyes and making her way home.


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