S03 E06

Before we begin, I must say I absolutely enjoyed this episode, the writers really outdid themselves.
Emotional roller coaster, I tell you in 20 minutes!
This episode is filled with so many messages , alright let’s unpack this.

Well if you’re loyal fan like myself , you’re aware of Aaron’s situation with the student loan.
The episode begins with Mr Jackson (Aaron) accompanied by Doug get a job , which will help pay off the loan.
He’s nervous, understandably so.
It’s 6 figures and he’s so desperate he only has 6 months left to graduate .Doug talks him down , I like that we’re seeing more of Dough character he’s a supportive friend.

Even with the hype from Dough , the sit downs with potentials employers started off rough , One of them gave him the classic “don’t call us  , we’ll you call”, not in those words but he might as well have .
Zoey on the other hand is having hard time with the Luca and Jillian situation. Honestly Jillian seems so chilled.
She’s the girl version of Luca , the messy braids  and to top it off the attire.
In different circumstances I think they’d really be good friends but it seems they’re heading that way.
She fakes her “I’m G.O.O.D” mood throughout they interaction , as they chat in class, and accepts her invitation for drinks.
It was a bit awkward from Zoey’s side but I understand , she is sleeping with her ex-boyfriend.
When it seemed like it was downhill for Aaron.
He’s right there sitting with Connor  and Josh , he researched that Stevens & Lido helps pay back the student loans. Which is perfect for he’s situation.
One of my favorite scene from classic Charlie is when he walks in and then out as soon as he spotted them.

The sit down continues and they inform Aaron that they’ll have interviews on Friday.
A rather awkward farewell as expected , as Josh compliments Aaron’s ponytail.
He didn’t get the interview , but he thought of Zoey for a favor since her dad works there.
I Must be honest I was quiet annoyed with Zoey , she seemed like she wasn’t even paying attention to him, but she insisted that she can get him in.
She gave him a suit that looked amazing on Aaron, and self centered Zoey said she got him , we’ll take her word for it , right?
He went to Stevens & Lido for “the interview” Zoey promised to get him.Hours passed and he never got called in until it was revealed that she forgot to contact her dad. He decided to speak to Andre, who seemed a bit cold towards Aaron , even after he had moment thinking Zoey is pregnant.

Zoey is self-centered we all know that , still love her though , but I’m with Aaron on this one.
She’s always in her little bubble , and it was nice to watch the gang ( Dough/Jazz/Sky) burst it.
She thinks it’s just a little interview but she didn’t even sound or act like she is sincerely sorry.
 Also shows how privileged she is that she is ignorant towards the scary reality for college grads especially for blacks.
Another favorite scene which you can watch at the end of the article.
she goes over to Aaron to apologize , it about time Aaron told her where to get off.

He’s ALWAYS there for her throughout the seasons , he’s the strong friend but we sometimes forget that strong friend needs to be checked on too.
He deserves better , it’s a one sided relationship.
She starts crying and bumps into Jillian and they head out for those drinks.

Sky is having a hard time adjusting to dating outside her race , firstly she looks like she’s’ embarrassed, when she does swift dance to get out of her boyfriend’s arm.  She then went off on a few basketball players, when he wished her luck on her training day. In my opinion it’s like she has the

“what will people say” syndrome.

But she was honest with Rodney and voiced out what was really bothering her about dating him.
She reliased that she really does like him and  that’s what matters the most.

Classic Charlie laughing in tears while poor Aaron is sitting right there, wondering why Charlie summoned him to he’s office.
Charlie offers him a job ,as he’s Personal Assistant.
It turns out Andre called Charlie to help him out , which includes free grad school.My heart was melting.
I can’t wait to see what errands Aaron will be doing for Charlie , but I bet it will be FUNNY.
I miss Nomi already.

The episode closes with Zoey and Jillian hangover and craving for junk food.

Favorite scene

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