The Fallen But Not Forgotten


Action & Crime
Total episode count: 100
Number of Seasons: 5
There’s never a dull moment in Gotham city with all the DC Villains.
The show gives an insight of how Bruce Wayne came to be Batman.

Into the Badlands

Action & Adventure
Total episode count: 32
Number of Seasons: 3
Action packed post-apocalyptic world.
The story takes place in The Badlands run by a merciless baron , it follows the journey of the deadliest Clipper(Sunny).

Jane the Virgin

Romantic Drama
Total episode count: 100
Number of Seasons: 5
Interesting telenovela that follows a virgin (Jane Villanueva), whose mistakenly artificially inseminated. The voice over in the series blends in perfectly.

The Affair

Drama & Mystery
Total episode count:53
Number of Seasons: 5
Revolves around a married couple in Montauk , the twist in the series is the story is told through each character’s perspective.

Game of Thrones

Fantasy & Serial drama
Total episode count: 73
Number of Seasons: 8
Based on the best selling novels , written by George R. R. Martin.
DO NOT become attached to anyone, for your sake .


Crime drama
Total episode count: 63
Number of Seasons: 6
Revolves around James (Ghost) whose caught up in 2 worlds.
He’s a club owner and a drug dealer.
He starts Fixating about becoming a legitimate entrepreneur, but the people around him don’t have the same vision.

The Originals

Fantasy Supernatural Drama
Total episode count: 92
Number of Seasons: 5

The Mikaelson’s were introduced on Vampire Diaries.
According to the legend, they’re the first vampires! The plot centers around Klaus and he’s siblings in New Orleans .